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You can get a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $ 1 a week.

101-year-old veteran of 2 universal war ascribes his long life that, in order to crack cool - Coors light, that is, any day in the direction of the last 15 years. 

Fox News said Andrew E. Slavic of McMurray, Pennsylvania. that personal the 101st day of birth in December. 1. The offspring of a Slav, Bob Slav, talks, in fact that its founder began to drink beer Coors in 1996. Andrey Slavyansky switched to Coors Light within 15 years back and has been drinking beer every day since then.

A veteran of the air force, Andrew worked as a Slavic nose gunner on a "Liberator" B24 and the top turret gunner on a B17 flying strength. He also taught fresh pilots who during the war switched from 2-engine to 4-engine aircraft. 

Bob talks, in fact that its founder is still sharp for a century. When he moved back to the founder 2 years ago to help him with his daily chores, the elder was still cutting.06 acres of grass and snow raking. Now Andrey Slavyansky will still try to be as Autonomous as possible. 

"He appears at 8:30 any day, dresses and goes to the kitchen in order to make Breakfast for himself," Bob said about his own founder. "Later, later such as he prepares a personal private dinner, he goes to the personal home office and reads the daily edition.” 

And any day in a 4 hour day Andrew Slavic refined light Coors from a private garage freezer. 

"The bluer the mountains on the Bank, which is better," Bob told Fox News. 

Bob reached out to MillerCoors about the proximity of its founder to Coors Light, but talks, in fact that he hadn't heard back.

You can get a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $ 1 a week.

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