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Rapper Kanye West met with Donald trump on Thursday, telling the President at a meeting in the District office in front of reporters, why he supports the Republican.


"There was something about wearing this hat that actually made me feel like a Superman," the West said as part of an extended monologue that covered topics from his psychological well-being to prison reform to what kind of airplane trump is required to fly.

West even said, the fact that the President is " the hero's journey."

"Let's stop worrying about the future, everything that we have today," the West said, commenting on his own personal presidential ambitions. "Trump is on the way of his own hero straight at the moment. He probably did not think, actually that he will become a crazy mother f***r ... Read more »

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Selena Gomez taken to the hospital: Chronicle of her struggle for well-being

Selena Gomez is treated for problems with psychological well-being, but 26-year-old actress has already proceeded this road before.

The singer "Back to you" has been rehabilitated many times over the years and has always been honest with Selenators (her fans) about the struggle for the well-being with which she lives from day to day.

2014: rehabilitation for diagnosis of lupus

In January 2014, Gomez secretly completed a two-week presence at the Meadows rehabilitation center in Arizona.

"Selena voluntarily spent time in the meadows, but not for substance abuse," said Commissioner Gomez E! The announcements at that time. But at that time it was not clear what actually forced her to get support, she later explained, in fact, that just her newfound diagnosis of lup ... Read more »

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The battle for the brewery heats up when the Red Sox travels to New york in a dead-end series.

Boston Sam Adams went to the public network in order to make pictures at the Brooklyn brewery. Not strange, actually, because every brewery has its own regional team, and verbal fight ended in a friendly Wager.

Sam Adams ' official Twitter account has started the battle:

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According to the texts of 911 dispatchers, a male student cut out a student, and after that he himself in Burke

Update, 3: 40 p. m. - students will be released in the foreseeable future, and buses will work as a rule, Omaha police said on Twitter. Apart from this, all extra-curricular events Burke has been postponed, said the adherents of the municipal secondary schools of Omaha.

According to the texts, 911 dispatchers, 2 student was cut on Tuesday day in secondary school Burke.

A University student cut out a student and then cut himself as one before 2: 30 PM, the dispatchers said.

The officer told dispatchers that he actually was in the room reserve secondary schools with 2 people and found the gun.

Two others were taken in critical condition to the med, the middle Krestovskogo University, Bergan mercy, said the dispatchers.

Subsequently, the confl ... Read more »

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Bradford: Nathan Eovaldi forced several people to look quite wise

New-york ... it was very easy to say, actually, that the case of Nathan Eovaldi was a mistake.

While the Red Sox wanted support in the bullpen, being forced to recline in bed, Dave Dombrowski arranged for them to trade terms, was Eovaldi. 

He left a tremendous 1st emotion. Pretty bad for a proper number of months. And, in the end, anything enjoyable in its last few starts to create an outdoor postseason picture applicable in the eyes of those who deconstruct what the Red Sox has the ability to work in its own series of American League divisions opposite the American. According to Dombrovsky, the pitcher was a priority. But through it all, it was a life that didn't seem to actually be a priority.

Well, when Dombrowski rolled his own purse to the bus afterwards Red Sox ' 16-1, a victory in this 3 Irge ... Read more »

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Adrian Peterson strict hands of immaculate lawyer on Bourbon Street

Washington Redskins running back, Adrian Peterson came into the game on the first day of the week with revenge on his mind, and he got it all in one firm hand, which killed the lawyer of the immaculate Fresh Orleans.

Peterson turned out from the back of the field in 2 quarters and caught a short pass from Alex Smith, and after that took off. When he spotted midfielder Alex Anzalone on his way, hell took out his bummer on the midfielder and gutted him with a firm hand.

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Commissioner Dakota Johnson denies, in fact that the actress is pregnant with the child of Chris Martin subsequently planes report

Dakota Johnson clarifies the record immediately afterwards such as rumors of a pregnancy started up.

The Commissioner of the 29-year-old actress talks to people, in fact that Johnson is not pregnant subsequently notices that the actual pink and blue weightless balls were fixed over the housing of her boyfriend, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin on Sunday.

According to the texts of her adept, Johnson recorded a personal birthday (which happened in October. 4) in the housing of the rocker. Between the guests seen at the event were divorced guardians Johnson, Melanie Griffith and don Johnson, and Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.

Bad era in El Royale actress not so long ago celebrated the personal anniversary of Martin, 41. The 2 first provoked rumors ... Read more »

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Hey Astros fans, these guys are good!

This Astros command is not a trick in the pot. This team is not 1 and did a lucky accident. Practically, last year this team won and did, it was a conversation about a franchise that did not have the opportunity to win huge. They do not play in the media center, this as Los Angeles or New york, instead of this they played through these 2 megacities on the way to the return of the title home to Houston. In this season begins to introduce themselves, in fact they are not only present in the perfect position to organize it again, but they look like a club who is willing to go in running, competing some more in the proper direction a few years, instead of this, in order to enjoy only.

Including George Springer dealing with a thumb injury that won't become straight until the end of the year, Carlos Correa only shell hims ... Read more »

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Dirk ketter on The Buccaneers '48-10 losing to bears: fire everyone," starting with me"

In order to describe what actually happened to the pirates on Sunday, as a bad loss, will underestimate how the Pirates lost to the bears. The pirates are not simply lost, they were humiliated in a bloody sauna. 

Bears won 48-10. It would probably be worse if bears don't take your foot off the gas in the 2nd half. Mitchell Trubecki, who came into the game with nine touchdowns in 15 career starts, the fire protection pirates for 6 touchdowns. Pirates were deprived of work 4 times, intercepted 3 times and punished 11 one for 99 yards. It was a category 5 cataclysm on both sides of the ball. 

You know, actually what's wrong, when your personal trainer in favor of their removal actually that gave Dirk Pickens later games.

"Based on this particular Irge now, we ... Read more »

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The patriots stifled the dolphins with defensive 180

FOXBORO - the sin of dolphins undoubtedly helped Miami get to 3-0, due to the fact actually what Ryan Tannehill played more than competently, with large numbers of rapid receivers had a lot of division and subsequently catch yards, and their running game has been an incremental and effective. Patriots were 1-2, owing to the fact that they actually shoved on the ground, they continued to be seen late in the light, and they seemed unhurried and reactive.

Everything turned upside down on Sunday. On the Dolphins first drive, Malcolm brown, who was poor last week in Detroit, snuck in and forced a 10 – yard holding signal that led to Miami punt. It was a signal of future events.

"Elementary is a very large number of penetration," said coach Adam Gaze dolphins. “In running this gam ... Read more »

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