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What medicine follows in the footsteps of apply the mind

What medicine follows in the footsteps of apply the mind

Medicine is one of the biggest discoveries in the medical situation. They led to an increase in life expectancy and an improvement in the quality of life.

Unfortunately, formed the belief that the only method to cure the disease-is to take medication. This is not so, because the drugs have all the chances to kill only bacteria and are ineffective against microbes, fungi and other forms of infections, said authorized Life Robinson Private Hospital.

In the statement, posted by Melanie van Staden, coordinator for marketing and communications in a private hospital Life Robinson, she said, in fact that bacteria are drug-resistant at an alarming rate. This is a huge mass discrepancy. Stability to medicines has the ability to affect any person of any age, in fact, which makes it difficult or even prepares for the impossible healing of popular infectious diseases. This causes long-term disease and long-term presence in the clinic.

The global Health Organization holds a yearly world antibiotic awareness week, which will run from 12 to 18 November 2018.

"To help this mass difficulties in the personal clinic life Robinson operates program antimicrobial healing. The program is actively supported by our medical staff and can help protect, advise, produce and keep under control the introduction of antibiotics,” said Dr. Marinda Overbeck, Manager of the clinic.

“However, it is still important that the Association be well informed about the use of drugs with the mind"”

To take medication incorrectly or when you need to prevent bacteria transformirovalsya in superbugs. This prepares the proper infection is much more difficult to heal.

The use of drugs is generally not required:

* Cold and flu

* Cough and bronchitis

* Sore throats not caused by strep germs

* Runny nose and the bulk of ear pain

How can we help prevent antibiotic resistance?

* Use medication only when needed

• Do not take medication and is not prescribed for you by a doctor

* Consult a doctor before taking medication

* Hand hygiene can help prevent the spread of infections. Wash your hands periodically.

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