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USA still need to explore the perfect method of release of data on trade in Treasury bonds

USA still need to explore the perfect method of release of data on trade in Treasury bonds

According to the texts of Craig Phillips, adviser to the Minister of money Steven Mnuchin, the U.S. government continues to explore the best method of disclosure of data on trade in Treasury bonds.

The idea of providing statistics that are actually intended for regulators has been under consideration for more than a year. But the conclusion has not yet been reached, to some extent due to data difficulties and gaps in collection, Phillips said on the first day of the week at the conference of the Federal reserve Bank of new York on the structure of the us debt market.

Regulators and adherents of the branch met in the fed of new York for the 4th year in order to discuss the structure of the world's main bond market. The meetings were part of a push by the authorities for greater transparency in the market following an extraordinary episode of volatility in October 2014.

Phillips said at that same conference last year, in fact that the government is assessing the issue of public release of trade data collected with support for trade reporting and motor compliance, a bond tariff reporting system familiar as Trace.

"In short, we continue to explore the consistent degree of public dissemination of Trace Treasury data at this point,” Phillips said on the first day of the week.

The Creator Of The Trace
Governing body of the economic branch, which came up with Trace, is it to collect trade statistics of the Treasury from its members from July 2017. A group of regulators initiated the start of data collection for their own purposes later in the 2014 episode, which highlighted for civil servants the need for more reliable statistics on municipal long-term trade.

The Treasury is working on how than any other to destroy and to detail the tremendous size of the transaction, in order to make any release to the public with a clear relatively this, in fact the statistics say about the actual trade, Phillips said in prepared remarks. He also said, in fact, that the government is working on filling the loopholes in the data, which include transactions from non-Finra, which in real time do not intend.

According to his texts, the data that regulators looked at, make out more than 230,000 registered transactions per day, and the daily size in the Treasury makes out within $ 600 billion per day.

"As the deepest and most liquid market in the world, the value of Treasury securities is amazingly transparent around the clock," said Phillips.

Between members of the branch are discussions about the superiority of the publication of such information as the value, cost and time of transactions. On the one hand, big banks are talking, in fact, that public reporting will suit their dealing business more difficult, while on the other hand, high-speed investors and hedge funds contemplate a huge permeability to improve performance.

” At the beginning of this process, we said, in fact, that our main principle is not to "annoy" the market, and our deliberate alignment to determine the way forward according to the trace is considered a product of this principle, " said Phillips.

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