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Turlock city hall is among those who are dark in honor of Bush

Turlock city hall is among those who are dark in honor of Bush

Terlock city hall will close on Wednesday as part of the state day of mourning for former President George Bush, whose funeral will be held in the Washington state Cathedral.

But the metropolis is still locked, due to the fact that it is obliged to provide its own employees with a day off as a paid vacation.

Terlock is considered an exception between the district authorities. District Stanislav and 8 other settlements of the neighborhood will remain open, on a par with city schools Modesto, the only school district Turlock, and irrigation districts of Modesto and Stanislaus.

But the neighborhood of Merced and Tuolumne closes. And Federal agencies will be shut down, and the Postal service will close its own branches and stop regular mail delivery. Some banks are still shutting down.

Mayor Gary Sauzet said in a text message, the actual "Turlock is proud of the fact that honors the patriot, as in the past, President George Bush", but said the fact that the closure conforms to the agreements between the metropolis and its labor groups.

In urban agreements with the Association of management Turlock-social security, secret servants, employees of management and Association of employees Turlock City all countries, in fact that employees of these groups get a day off when the Governor or the President declares a day of mourning or fun.

President Donald trump announced Wednesday the State day of mourning for Bush, who died on Friday at the age of 94 years.

Turlock's employment agreements with Turlock related police officers and Turlock district firefighters 2434 do not say, in fact, that their members receive a paid day off when the Governor or the President declares a holiday or a day of mourning.

In a press release, Turlock says that, but the city offices will be covered, workers who give the main proposals will be working on Wednesday. City hall will be revealed on Thursday.

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