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The study demonstrates, in fact, that the tiny transformation of DNA has a tremendous impact on tumors

The study demonstrates, in fact, that the tiny transformation of DNA has a tremendous impact on tumors

The usual transformation of the DNA base in small areas of the genome has the ability to attribute, why glioblastoma tumors are so deadly, report scientists from the Yale Institute and the California Institute in San Diego. 1 in the journal Cell.

Glioblastomas are especially virulent brain tumors, the survival of which takes from 3 to 6 months. The main culprit is the presence of a group of special tumor cells that possess the highest stability to normal methods of healing. The transformation of the base a in DNA, one of the 4 genetic letters that create the structural backbone of DNA, the ball was revealed in a large number in glioblastoma tumors, especially tumor stem cells, scientists report. They even noticed, in fact that transformation for the effect on the rise of human glioma introduced into the brains of mice.

This basic transformation was seen at the earliest stage of embryo formation and contains a crucial meaning for the formation of the fetus, but disappears later in adulthood that scientists.

“But in the case of glioblastoma, cancer seems to capture this mechanism,"said Andrew Xiao, associate Professor of genetics at the Yale stem cell center, a prospector with the Yale cancer Center and co-author of the note with Jeremy rich at the Moores cancer center in UC-San Diego Health.

Building up to a number of hundreds of one modified base in tumors-barely detectable in normal brain tissues-means that the base itself has the ability to freeze up a cute target for fresh pharmaceutical therapy, Xiao said.

Transformation has the ability to be found in other tumors, and still has the ability to offer fresh methods of healing in real time-incurable brain tumors, he said.

Tao P. Wu from Yale, in real time at Baylor medical Institute, is considered a co-author of the study.

Work was leading to NIH grants to Xiao and laboratories luxurious, and even credit from the home of the Ludwig Foundation in the laboratory of Xiao.

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