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The road to zero: HIV medicines Herald a fresh era of healing

20 years since the 1st HIV drugs were seen on the market, the latest generations of antiretroviral substances are now quite strong in order to effectively erase the disease from the body.

With the right method, substances destroy HIV to values that do not have all chances to be found by the test method. Long-term studies demonstrate that this” undetectable " status actually means that the microbe is not able to be transferred to another person.

Apart from this, the drug under the name of Truvada, first used to heal HIV-positive people, has found a fresh, life-saving task.

In 2012, the FDA allowed the use of Truvada in people who are HIV-negative for such in order to prevent the microbe from taking over possession. Nicknamed "PrEP" for pre-Exposure prophylaxis, the product, taken once a day, proved to be 99% effective in HIV overlap.

The final report of the Chicago Department of social health on HIV actually shows that, in General, recent HIV cases in the metropolis have decreased, to some extent because of this, in fact, that the viral load of HIV-positive people is not supported by drug therapy. Health officials have even more extensive implementation of prep to reduce fresh cases.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago, drawn, in fact it is not any demographic enjoys merits in cure.

The CDPH report demonstrates, in fact, that so far fresh cases have fallen by 29% for snow-white Chicago and 10% in Hispanic residents, the dark community has increased by times the percentage.

Howard Brown Health, social health non-profit in Chicago, now focused on the targeting of a minority group, while also seeing the full outstanding quality of the latest medical drugs.

The Prep 4 Love campaign is considered one of the many district efforts in Chicago and Illinois in order to increase the knowledge of those who are in danger.

According to the Centers for disease control and prevention, the largest number of recent diagnoses in the United States are gay and bisexual. Blacks/African Americans and Hispanics / Latinos suffer from HIV in comparison to other racial and folk groups. Apart from this, the transgender ladies who have sex with men are among the groups of increased risk of HIV infection, and buyers who inject drugs still face a significant risk of HIV infection.

It is estimated that 1.2 million Yankees are listed as good candidates for PrEP, but only 77,000 are actually present on medicines, according to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

One of the biggest obstacles is the cost. Truvada has the ability to cost up to $ 2,000 per moon. However, the manufacturer Gilead has programs that help to reimburse the price not covered by insurance. Apart from this, the inhabitants of Illinois have every chance to get a gift PrEP. More detailed information about all programs can be found on the website prep4illinois.com or by telephone 1-800-825-3518.

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