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The doctor mistakenly removed the two kidneys of the ladies

The doctor mistakenly removed the two kidneys of the ladies

73-year-old Linda Woolley is undergoing 4 hours of dialysis 3 times a week afterwards such as doctors removed her both kidneys subsequently for incorrect diagnoses.

The lady was operated on in the clinic of the Colorado Institute in Denver later such as the doctor told her that she actually suffers from kidney cancer.

According to Metro, "she noticed, in fact that the report, compiled 2 months earlier, has recommended, in fact that her kidneys"no evidence of malignancy.""

"My life has completely changed. Dialysis is not a picnic, no matter how you get addicted to it, it deprives you of life," said Wooley.

Now Wooley wants to return his own life and arrange a kidney transplant. But it has the ability to borrow a large amount of time before it became free from torment, and the waiting list makes 95000 people.

"It's scary because you don't really have a choice when you go to the clinic. You believe, in fact, that you will be taken care of."

At the moment she opened a case in front of the clinic.

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