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The commercial middle of the Panama City Mall is covered in the " near future”

The commercial middle of the Panama City Mall is covered in the " near future”

Panama city-after this, in fact that looks like the symptoms of repair in the direction of the last 2 months, as the company began to revive the work, on Wednesday the operators of Panama city shopping center announced, in fact that will remain " closed in the near future.”

"With a languid heart, we announce our conclusion to shut down the Panama City Mall in the near future. This conclusion is considered very difficult for us, due to the fact that we actually know that it affects the Association and our loyal employees on the spot,”said Charlie Hendon, President of Hendon Properties, who owns the commercial middle. "Unfortunately, the recovery procedure is very expensive. It is economically meaningless to restore because the price is much higher than the renovated price of the shopping center. We have been fortunate to have worked buyers here for the last 42 Years and are humbled by meaningful relationships nurtured in that time.”

The giant share of the shopping center suffered "important" harm from the storm and wind, but it was”catastrophic” harm from the water forced to accept the conclusion, the press release says. The bulk of the tenants have already taken out of the building inventory and equipment.

Terms of "demolition" is not yet assigned.”

A number of companies, such as Dillard's, which had their own part of the building, rather than rented it, will remain uncovered.

"We will refit the store," said Dillard Jay Walker, store Manager. “We are here to stay and enjoy the future.”

Planet Fitness is once again a business that intends to remain open. According to the release, JC Penney plans to restore the work in the proper year, and the negotiations will last with Bed Bath and beyond. The closure does not connect the adjacent stores of Panama city, where business is slowly resuming, or vitamin stores and Starbucks.

The film center, which had intensive business with the management of the shopping center subsequently controversial opening, remains open in the" near future " and plans to fight with the course of the lease stop. Starting Wednesday, they adjusted their title from Mall Cinemas to PC Cinemas.

According to a press release, the film center " is studying ways for this probable action." “We are working hard to guarantee our options for our long-term future and are confident in the future about what configurations await us ahead.”

” We remain open and work as a rule now, this weekend and in the near future," - said in a statement of the cinema.

At this point, the show will go on with Grinch, Instant Family, Creed II and Bohemian Rhapsody playing this weekend.

The commercial middle was not closed in 1976 and was a space for home entertainment. Almost all responded to the announcements on Facebook, noticing, in fact, that the last closure is not easy to accept later layoffs announced in Bay Medical earlier this week.

"So many losses. How do we have to revive and be stronger if the spaces continue to close?"Chastity Wafford wrote on the News Herald Facebook page. "Hundreds of people remained without work, Bay medical dimmed hundreds. I take into account the fact that we can and will create it, elementary at this point, it seems to be this wrong.”

The precise number of lost working spaces is not clear at this point, but almost everyone supported this point. Others have called it mild for companies, which almost all have already beheld the dawn.

In a press release, Hendon stated "that" all options are required to be investigated " for reconstruction at a later time.

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