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Subaru and Toyota recall more than 400,000 cars worldwide

Subaru and Toyota recall more than 400,000 cars worldwide

Tokyo-Subaru Corp. FUJHY 0.75% raises a healthy tab in order to recall more than 400,000 vehicles around the world to repair faulty motor details, which has the ability to lead to a stop.

The review touches on the famous Forester SUV and the Impreza compact, and sports cars BRZ. This still affects the Toyota 86 sports car made Subaru, which was implemented in the USA as a Scion FR-S in the direction of the period covered by the recall. All cars were produced in 2012 and 2013.

Last week Subaru lowered expectations for April-September, the first half of the Japanese monetary year. The company plans to get an operating profit of 61 billion. ($540 million), a decrease of ¥49 billion from its own previous monitoring, in the lead, in order to cover recall costs. The firm said it would actually outline the impact of the recall for the whole year when it announced revenues in the second quarter on the first day of the week.

Subaru said, in fact that the valve springs in recalled cars have every chance to break down and lead to a stop of the engine, risking tragedy. These springs keep the motor valves closed when fuel is combusted. Failure has the ability to lead to responsible damage to the motor.

Mending will probably be expensive. Subaru considers the fact that work will borrow more than 12 hours.

Toyota said, in fact, that her car is made within 80 000 of the total. In the USA Toyota withdraws within 25 000 models of Scion FR-S, developed in the stage from March 2012 to July 2013. The firm said it would actually contact the affected USA owners by mail starting in December.

Recalled cars Subaru were made in the stage from January 2012 to September 2013. Subaru said, in fact, that 101,000 revoked cars were sold in the land of the rising sun. The firm's Commissioner categorically refused to state how many were withdrawn in the USA Subaru sold within 270,000 of the 3 models in the USA in the direction of the period covered by the recall.

Information on income last week, made subsequently closing markets in the land of the rising sun, caught traders by surprise. On the coming day, the cost of promotions Subaru collapsed by almost 7%.

On the day of the announcement, Tokyo-based auto analyst Takaki Nakanishi criticized Subaru for inaccessibility of details, saying in a client note “that he " raises questions about the quality of his own relations with investors."At that time he wrote, actually that he was waiting for a response from 1 to 2 million cars, a number repeated in some Japanese press reports.

Authorized Subaru said, in fact he was not able to give more thorough information in your initial disclosure, due to the fact actually what he has not yet arranged the necessary orders with regulators.

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