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Quite the contrast: Senator Manny in front of Adrian Broner

Quite the contrast: Senator Manny in front of Adrian Broner

New-york (AP) — dressed in a sharp grayish suit and tie, Manny Pacquiao took a look at any bit of Senator he could.

It was his other work, however, the fact that he worked on the first day of the week, when the eight-time favorite announced Jan. 19 defense of the WBA Welterweight belt from Adrian Broner.

"He's one of the best boxers," Pacquiao said of Broner, who was at a press conference in some different outfit: tattered jeans, beautifully decorated sequins, a t-shirt and a dark jacket. "Adrian Broner is a fighter of the highest caliber.

"I have no tasks to fight with 140 (pounds), it is my natural weight. I can't say actually what I'm avoiding (opponents), it's not my style. I'm ready to find other fighters to fight, I am also willing to fight at 140, 147. 147 for this battle."

Pacquiao will be 40 when he enters the ring at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas to arrest 29-year-old Broner. It will be the 70th battle of the Filipino in a career that started in 1995 and included titles in the weight categories from fly weight to Welterweight. He hasn't waged war in the United States for 2 years.

Referred to by his own followers as Senator Manny, Pacquiao won and subsequently tarnished the WBO Welterweight crown subsequently by his one-way costs to Floyd Mayweather in may 2015. In July, he knocked out Lucas Mattis for the WBA title, Pacquiao's first win since 2009, when he suspended Miguel Cotto in the final round.

Pacquiao says that his role in the government will be suspended, while he is preparing for the Armor.

"My competitor frisky, good, and I owe a large amount to work persistently and friction, that people were happy in January. 19 when we give them a good fight, " said Pacquiao, who smiled mischievously when he was asked whether there would be another meeting with the retired Mayweather in the future.

"I'm fighting with Adrian Broner," Pacquiao said, adding that he was actually with Mayweather In the land of the rising sun and mentioned that he, not Mayweather, had a belt, as a consequence of this " you come to challenge me."

Broner assesses this as a personal chance to " freeze legend. As he walked around the stage, his lyrics at the beginning were respectful of Pacquiao, with whom Broner dreamed to fight when I was a child."

Soon, however, Broner returned to that to be Bronero, boastful, a character who prefers to talk rubbish for example like tossing the skin.

"He's not fighting Floyd, he's fighting me," Broner said. "He's got to get past me.

"Of course that's actually what he did in this game, unbelievable. I'm taking Ian into consideration. 19 I must be at the top of my own game. I intend (to spoil) it."

Broner from Cincinnati, 33-3-1 with 24 knockouts. But he did not win any of his own last matches, losing the unanimous conclusion of Mikey Garcia, who won the personal 36th in order in July last year, and then drew with Jesse Vargas.

It means actually that not so long ago past results do not show any on the fact that he nor Pacquiao are in their Prime or close to it. Not least, they're pretty gigantic names for Showtime to put the fight on commercial TV.

Both men were asked if they were expensive boxers at the moment. No one wavered in response.

"Yes, of course," Pacquiao insisted. "I'm trying to fight with the biggest competitors in the world, and once of them-Adrian Broner. I can fight with anyone."

Broner shook his head and grinned when asked about his level of professionalism these days.

"I intend to arrange for me; he has to worry about what I'm actually doing," Broner said. "I take into account what he is capable of.

"I have 3 expenses, he has (seven). He was knocked out, we know, in fact that he has the ability to sleep. I have something to light up. I'll hit the jackpot overnight."

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