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PFT’s Week 11 picks

It hasn't been a good week.PFT’s Week 11 picks

MDS and your obedient servant have not given consent in any of the 14 games. But any received only only 8 games.

Even worse, in our weekly best bets section, MDS and yours truly merged for a truly shitty 0-6 show.

I have a season-to-date recording of 93-55 people (62.8%). IBC is 91-57 (61.4 per cent).

In the contest the best bets I 13-16-1. MDS is 11-17-2.

The best rates for this week are seen in the video attached to this post. The good news (if any)is that we will not be able to go 0-6 again this week.

Packers in Seahawks

Taking MDS: 2 teams with their backs to the wall, and the other the loss of potentially breaks their chances at the playoffs. I believe actually that the Seahawks, with the advantage of home field will make a lethal blow to the Packers.

MDS selection: Seahawks 24, Packers 17.

Taking Florio: it's a shootout game, sort of, for a couple of teams, which, similarly, are destined to be eliminated, after all. A fresh Seattle game with bruises contains meaning.

Florio's Choice: Seahawks 23, Packers 20.

Bengals at ravens

Taking MDS: the defensive struggle of the Bengals goes far beyond anything that actually has the ability to straighten their defensive coordinator.

Choice MDS: ravens 28, Bengals 21.

Taking Florio: it's a couple of reckless teams, and 1 of them will probably miss their own starting lawyer. Another lacks defense.

Choice Florio: ravens 27, Bengals 17.

Cowboys at falcons

Taking MDS: I don't think the actual eagles are as bad as they looked last week, and I don't think the cowboys are as good as last week. The course correction is in order.

Choice MDS: Eagles 24, cowboys 13.

Florio to recover: the falcons though very slightly browned. They are not going to write this the second week in order.

Choice Florio: Eagles 31, cowboys 21.

Pirates of giants

Taking MDS: Ryan Fitzpatrick is bound to win Eli manning, and Bucs is bound to eat W.

Choice MDS: Pirates 28, giants 20.

Taking Florio: Pirates disintegrate personal road to a brand new coach, and the giants grow from a choice of 5 best plans.

Choice Florio: giants 27, Pirates 20.

The Steelers have the jaguars

Double MDS: 2 teams move in reverse instructions. Steelers are obliged to continue to deal with a fairly easy victory in front of the team overmatched Jaguars.

The choice of MDS: Steelers 27, Jaguars 17.

Taking Florio: the Steelers will be determined to transfer a couple points from 2017, and the jaguars are getting more and more desperate.

Choice Florio: Steelers 31, Jaguars 20.

Texans in Washington

Taking MDS: I do not think that a very large number of people were waiting, in fact that it will be a match of the teams of the first space, but this is exactly what it is. I'm waiting for the Texans to hit the road and make a statement.

MDS selection: Texans 28, Washington 14.

Take Florio: Washington continues to be a solid team to read. Chalk up to week 10 is the victory of the Bucs team that balances on implosion. Texans don't.

Florio's choice: Texans 23, Washington 17.

Titans have Colts

Taking MDS: tremendous in the AFC South race, I believe, in fact that Colts will earn a narrow victory in this Irge with a low score.

The choice of MDS: colts 17, Titans 16.

Taking Florio: this is a dangerous AFC South game with the role of a pair of teams that are still firmly in the space in order to run through the Texans. Home owners rent the last eight of the franchise from 2017 the second week in order.

Florio's Choice: Colts 23, Titans 20.

Panthers have lions

MDS take: the lions look as if they were promptly spun into the gutter. The Panthers must recover costs from the ugly of the Steelers.

Choice MDS: Panthers 30, Lions 20.

Taking Florio: Panthers coach Ron Rivera had the right attitude about week 10 of wipeout in Pittsburgh. Add the auxiliary time and the desperate need to stay at a distance of impact from the immaculate, and Caroline will find a method to change everything.

Choice Florio: Panthers 30, Lions 21.

Broncos at chargers

Taking MDS: the charging device has all chances to be the 2nd best team in the AFC. They will need to continue to win in order to have a chance to squeeze Chiefs as the best team in AFC.

MDS selection: chargers 28, Broncos 17.

Taking Florio: the 2nd best team in AFC,and quite possibly the best overall team in Los Angeles, continues to roll.

Choice Florio: the charging device 27, Broncos 16.

Raiders at cardinals

Taking MDS: in the battle of 2 of the best teams in the League, I believe that the cardinals are more trouble and are obliged to resign with the victory.

Choice MDS: cardinals 27, raiders 23.

Florio takes: whether they try to arrange it or not, raiders fail. The tanking takes place in front of a team of cardinals, which does not prepare this.

Florio's choice: cardinals 23, raiders 13.


Falcons on the immaculate

Taking MDS: this has the potential to be the last deadly blow to Eagles ' playoff hopes.

Choice MDS: saints 30, falcons 20.

Taking Florio: this is exactly the kind of trap that the team has the ability to just bump into. Saints in real time, it seems, are immune to this.

Choice Florio: saints 30, falcons 20.

Vikings at bears

MDS take: the 1st space in the North of NFC is located on a part, and I believe actually that bears are primed for the 1st of their own best concerts before actually that should be a tremendous economic crowd.

Choice MDS: bears 31, Vikings 20.

Take Florio: bears get their biggest check of the year. They are quite good to pass it.

Choice Florio: bears 27, Vikings 24.

Leaders of the rams

Taking MDS: probably the best game of this NFL season. Call it a hypothesis, but I guess the leaders got off the road upset.

MDS selection: Chiefs 31, Rams 28.

Florio take: the Rams defense is not big, but it's pretty excellent, in order to slow down an aggressive attack bosses slightly more than the defense leaders will slow down the aggressive attack of the Rams.

Choice Florio: rams 41, bosses 38.

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