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Neuroscientist finds a hidden area in the human brain

Neuroscientist finds a hidden area in the human brain

The world-famous brain cartographer, doctor of science George Paxinos, cooperative doctor UNSW, noticed a hidden area of the human brain. The area is located close to the junction of the brain and spinal cord, and Dr. Paxinos called it endorestiform nucleus.

Dr. Paxinos from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) suspected life underestimating core 30 years back, but only in the moment, managed to see it thanks to the best methods of staining and visualization. Commenting on this invention, Dr. Paxinos talks, in fact that it is possible to compare with the search for fresh starry sky.

"The area is intriguing, due to the fact that it seems to be absent from the rhesus macaque and other animals, of which we studied," said Dr. Paxinos, adding: "there must be some baggage that is unique in the human brain, not counting its largest volume, and the endorestiform nucleus has the ability to be one of them."

Interestfree the core is placed in the inferior cerebellar peduncle, the area which brings sensory and motor information to improve your posture,balance and small motor skills.

"I can only assume about its function, but taking into account the part of the brain where it was found, it has the ability to be involved in a small motor", - says Dr. Paxinos.

The invention of the area has the ability to help researchers learn how to cure these diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and motor neuron disease.

Neurophysiologists studying neurological or psychiatric diseases apply Dr. Paxinos cards in order to Orient their work. The brain atlases of Dr. Paxinos are announced to be more accurate for the identification of brain structures and are still used in neurosurgery.

An increasingly detailed understanding of the architecture and interconnections of the nervous system has occupied a Central space in most of the great discoveries in neuroscience over the past 100 years.

"Dr. Paxinos' atlases, showing the thorough morphology and connections of the human brain and spinal cord, provide a critical base for explorers to find out guesses from synaptic function to the healing of brain diseases," said Dr. Peter Scofield, CEO of NeuRA.

Dr. Paxinos is considered to be the Creator of a more cited publication in the field of neurology and 52 books with quite thorough brain maps. The maps show the direction of neurosurgical and neurobiological studies, allowing to study, disclose and develop ways to cure diseases and disorders of the brain.

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