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Maddie & The Release 'Die From A Broken Heart' From A Fresh Album

Maddie & Tae are separated by an absolutely fresh song " Die from a Broken Heart. This song is from their future sophomore album.

"Dies of a broken heart," who talks, " how does he sleep at night? Mother, as I'm freaking out because this young man to leave just for example I'll be fine? I'm trying to kick myself for actually fell hard for example a Mother, you have the possibility to die from a crushed heart?"it was written when the Duo consisting of Madison Marlowe and Taylor Dai, including were not in doubt, in fact that they have a contract.

"We wrote it with Jonathan singleton and Derek Website, 2 of our favorite writers in the metropolis," Marlowe shared with PopCulture.com and other media.They have 1 song on our album; it's 2 of the writer that we really worked, due to the fact actually what they love to scribble from more substantial space. For example, the fact that we elementary really connecting with them. We went into the essay, and Jonathan really did have a title. We thought, " how can we approach this? What is the most comparative method to arrange this?"

"We kind of started talking about what we're going through, because we actually wrote it directly during this time when we were going to start translating labels," she continued. "We were still very much between them and we felt ourselves crushed and felt himself vanquished on this turn our career. Has the ability to be, not as things are, but in our career we've had quite, quite challenging eras."

Maddie & Tae were brought to the song's post, to some extent because of the deepest connection they both have with their own guardians.

"At least, has the opportunity to be, including 2 times a day we call our guardians, and we talk:" actually what do we do? Is that the lid of the light? Exactly that is happening?"opened Marlowe. "Due to the fact that your guardians are invincible. I feel, in fact, that this is something for everyone. At least, for both of us, we think. We wanted to make this song, so you have an opportunity to experience it from the point of view of the mother, from the point of view of the maiden, from the point of view of the founder. We wished that whatever character you were talking to, you could hear their point of view."

The song became all the more poignant, taking into account the prof shocks that Maddie and te experienced. Subsequently, the sudden closure of their former label, Dot Records, the young ladies were no doubt how their future looks in music.

"I remember when we were writing this song, it's undeniably about calling your own guardians and asking for advice," Dai said. "I was afraid to call the guardians to say that the label had closed. I was horrified by the fact that you were actually trying to make your guardians think that you were actually creating property. For me, I elementary take into account, in fact, that if I call the guardians and tell them that, through the fact that I flow, they will experience all this pain with me. I'm just trying to help them out of this, and I wanted to help them out of this.

"On that day, when we wrote this song, I started to gear up to that, to say, 'Okay, I can call my parents'," that she. - "They have all chances not aristocracy, exactly that state, but, at the last least, they will become there for me."

Maddie & Tae has a number of shows on the calendar before they join Carrie underwood on her Cry Pretty 360 Tour in may of the proper year. Find a list of all their upcoming shows on MaddieandTae.com ahhh!

The Duo promises to release a fresh album, a concept album, before the start of the Cry Pretty tour. Download "Die from a Broken Heart" on iTunes.

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