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Klaassen: van Dyck times of the best in the world

Klaassen: van Dyck times of the best in the world

The Central lawyer of Liverpool Virgil van Dyck is considered one of the best lawyers in the world, according to a friend of the Netherlands national team Davy Claassen.

Van Dyck will become the captain of his own state in the battle of the League of Nations opposite Germany on the first day of the week, taking into account that the draw will be enough for the resurgent Orange in the top group A1. The 27-year-old was still wearing a bandage for Jurgen Klopp's side this season, having a modifying effect on the bard's back line, such as how he joined the £ 75 million from Southampton in January.

"It's not easy to call the 1st the best lawyer in the world, but he's once of the best,"said Omnisport ex-Everton and current midfielder "Werder Bremen" Klaassen.

"He is literally in the top 10. He's so big and so kind. I suppose he's, like, great at playing any week for Liverpool. With the team he is now captain, in consequence of this it is really important for Holland."

Van Dijk and Liverpool fell at the final hurdle in the Champions League last season, falling 3-1 to real Madrid at the end and Klaassen thinks, in fact that it has the ability to make another tilt for the biggest prize of Euro club football.

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"Last year they were close and nothing is impossible," he added, with the current Premier League group with the showdown opposite Paris Saint - Germain coming in due week in the French city of Moscow.

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