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In the past, the head of CBS Munves is accused of more sexual misconduct

An internal investigation by former CBS boss Les Moonves found more evidence of a sexual misconduct, as well as heresy and liquidating evidence, jeopardizing his $ 120 million severance package, the New York Times reports Wednesday.

Look, in fact, that is aware of the scandal so far:


Lawyers hired by the network say in terms of the report, in fact, that the television Executive Director carried out "a number of acts of serious sexual misconduct without consent" before and subsequently such as he came to CBS in 1995, according to the Times. He still deleted countless text messages and was "evasive and deceitful at times" questionable, the report says.

Among the rest, the investigators had information about a network of workers who are" on call " in order to perform oral sex on Moonves. Investigators still noticed, actually that he received oral sex from at least 4 employees of CBS "under vital circumstances which sound transactional and inadequate to that extent, actually that there was no slightest hint of any business, romance or reciprocity."

Investigators are talking, in fact, that they interviewed 11 of the 17 ladies they knew, accused Munves of misconduct and found their accounts reliable.

The 59-page report must be submitted to the Board of Directors of CBS to have a place to be each year a meeting of the company on a good week, reports the Times.


Munves defender Andrew levander said in his own statement that Munves actually said that he "extensively and fully" cooperated with the investigators.

In the past, the CEO " categorically denies the presence of any sexual relationship without consent. He never has become, and not holding anyone to pay to sex," said the defender.

CBS categorically refused to explain.


Moonves, largely attributed to the CBS turn, was ousted in September afterwards such as The New Yorker published allegations from 12 ladies who stated, in fact, that he subjected them to an inhuman proclamation that included forced oral sex, groping, and imminent punishment, in case they resisted.

Moonves denied the charges, but he said that he actually had consensual cases with some of the fairer sex.

Moonves, 69, is considered one of the strongest figures in the leisure industry to be knocked down by the #MeToo move. Among others, the Hollywood Studio boss Harvey Weinstein, a major show NBC's "today" Matt Lauer and the main talk show, PBS's Charlie rose.

Munves made a personal imprint on CBS with sitcoms, these as" 2 and a half man "and" the Doctrine of the Tremendous Explosion," reality shows, these as" Survivor "and procedural dramas, these as" CSI: investigation of the space of offense "and" NCIS."


Munves was one of the highest paid heads in the country, making a joint difficulty of almost $ 140 million for 2 years before he dimmed the job.

During the promotion, which shocked women activists and others, CBS said during his own departure, in fact that she canceled for him $ 120 million as a severance package. But the network warned, in fact, that he would lose money, if the Commission comes to the conclusion, in fact, that he has a root cause to finish it.

In its own report, the lawyers talk, the fact that the network has a reason to leave him in dismissal. They are talking, in fact his behavior as " quite possibly gives a malicious abuse of and noncompliance with political figures sexy harassment of the firm."


The investigation started in August and is currently being conducted by 2 former Federal prosecutors with highly regarded law firms: Nancy Kestenbaum and Mary Joe white, who was still the head of the securities and exchange Commission.

In a statement to the Times, investigators said, "Our work is still ongoing, and there should be a large number of precedents and assessments that evolve and change as the work progresses."

In the past, the head of CBS Munves is accused of more sexual misconduct


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