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For the administration of CASB: KP declares availability with cloud guard SAAS

For the administration of CASB: KP declares availability with cloud guard SAAS

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the primary conclusion provider for cybersecurity around the world, has now announced the joint availability of Cloudguard SaaS, the first in a branch of the cloudy package designed to prevent difficult security risks aimed at SaaS applications.

One of the latest additions to The cloudguard pack of cloudy goods for Check Point-Cloudguard SaaS defends the firms using SaaS applications and cloudy electric mail (including Office 365, GSuite and OneDrive), and still predicts the motivated attacks aimed at theft of confidential data. Addressing the progressive threats of SaaS, this cloudy service guarantees 360-degree protection against harmful programs and zero days, phishing attacks, and the absorption of employees ' accounts. Apart from this, it has the ability to detect unauthorized implementation of SaaS applications and prevent data leakage, while providing an instant illusion of danger

“In the current landscape of cyber attacks of the 5th generation in the highest degree, is fundamentally to realize the technology is equipped to counter the greatest number of dangers in cloudy business applications," said Itai Grinberg, Vice-President of product management at Check Point Software Technologies. "Companies are usually turning to the findings in the domain of Cloud Access Security Broker, which provide the illusion of protection from data leaks. CloudGuard SaaS, on the other hand, goes beyond the probabilities of CASB. It is specialized to prevent more popular attacks on SaaS applications, providing peace of mind for companies.”

According to the texts of Jay Heyzer, Vice President for research, specialist Gartner "" it Directors are obliged to work with security and risk managers in order to make and follow in the footsteps of a comprehensive and continuous layout for the controlled application of SaaS, or they will not be able to achieve business goals, in fact that will lead to useless losses or conflicts.”**

Cloudguard SaaS has the ability to be a necessary conclusion that guarantees the necessary preventive security for a large number of corporate SaaS applications in the direction of several minutes..

"Now firms are facing likely cyberattacks originating from multiple vectors, spanning SaaS-based applications. These products, like Check Point CloudGuard SaaS, have every chance to assist firms that want to defend themselves from attacks of different values – from phishing to zero-day compromises,”said John Oltsik, senior key analyst at ESG.

Amazing defense against harmful programs and zero days: CloudGuard SaaS is the most effective conclusion to prevent harmful programs and zero-day attacks on SaaS applications using advanced technologies of sandblasting Check Point. SandBlast scored 100% frequency blocks and the ultimate test of a Dodge with the support of NSS Labs, the globally recognized reliable source for independent testing of cybersecurity on the basis of precedents. Using these abilities, CloudGuard SaaS defends investments electric mail and download the file hosting services files and tools for General work. CloudGuard SaaS covers the risk of a zero day before it reaches users, and guarantees of non-hazardous contents in seconds, using advanced technology emulation and extraction hazards.

Innovative development pulls the absorption of accounts: CloudGuard SaaS blocks the absorption of SaaS accounts, preventing the entry of unauthorized users, including if the device is already compromised. Using the latest ID-GuardTM technology, CloudGuard SaaS detects fraudulent access by finding incorrect logins and centralizing multi-factor authentication. Apart from this, CloudGuard SaaS has the ability to authenticate users in any SaaS-application on any device-mobile or PC.

Absolute defense against phishing. Cloudguard SaaS predosteregaet more phishing attacks than normal service electric mail, using the mechanisms of artificial intelligence. It has the ability to suspend difficult phishing attacks, underwater phishing and email spoofing, which have all chances to circumvent other conclusions. Harmful contents of e-mail still has the ability to be blocked with the highest accuracy.

Cloudguard SaaS is available immediately. More detailed information and a charity trial, visit: https://www.checkpoint.com/products/saas-security/.

In order to recognize more, register for the role in the webinar "get more from SaaS Security with CloudGuard SaaS" on December 12: https://pages.checkpoint.com/webinar-cloudguard-saas-amer.html ahhh!

** - From the section "development of SaaS governance structure"; June 14, 2018 (Jay Heyzer, Vice President for research, analyst)

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