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AWS Transit Gateway can help customers understand the entire network

AWS Transit Gateway can help customers understand the entire network

Now in the evening at AWS re: Invent, the firm advertised a fresh tool called AWS Transit Gateway, designed to build a network topology from within AWS, which allows you to apply resources together between accounts and group local and cloudy resources in a single network topology.

Amazon already has a well-known product called Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which can help customers make private instances of their own applications. Transit gateway is specialized for the creation of connections between VPC, in fact that until now it was not easy to arrange.

As explained by Peter DeSantis, Vice President of mass infrastructure and customer assistance at AWS, speaking at the event on the first day of the week in the evening at AWS Re: Invent, AWS Transit Gateway provides you with a single set of management components that allows you to connect to a centralized gateway for fast and easy network development.

DeSantis has stated that this tool also highlights the possibility for you to cross your AWS and on-premises networks. "The gateway is once again a method with which we are innovating to allow customers to own a secure and easy-to-manage network, both on-premises and in an AWS cloudy environment,”he explained.

AWS Transit Gateway allows you to make network inclusions wherever resources are present in a normal network topology. “Today we provide you with the probability to apply a fresh transit gateway AWS for the construction of topology-based network of hubs and spokes. You will be able to include the VPC, data centers, remote offices and remote gateways to a managed transit gateway with absolute control over network routing and security, including if your VPC, functional collections, shared services and other resources cover a number of AWS accounts,” wrote Jeff Barr from Amazon in a blog post announcing the latest feature.

Throughout the greater part of its own existence, AWS has resulted in the inclusion of the cloud and management of cloudy resources. It contains the value for nezametnoe cloudy firms, such as AWS, but buyers usually have a difficult configuration with some infrastructure and software provisioning, is still living locally and some in the cloud. It has the ability to assist you to combine 2 worlds.

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