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2 people were injured in "violent discord" at the headquarters of Sony Music UK in London

2 people were injured in "violent discord" at the headquarters of Sony Music UK in London

Police officers are seen as evacuated workers go to work in the office, where there are offices of Sony Music in London in November. 2, 2018 subsequently conflict, which led to 1 arrest subsequently such as 2 people were injured.
2 people were injured and times a person is arrested and subsequently "force contention" in the headquarters of Sony Music in England.

Employees of the gunshot and ambulance crews were called to the English label offices on Derry street at 1100 district time on Friday November 2, and the premises were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Conflict, as I believe happened in the morning staff later such as bezladitsa broke out between Kitchen staff, hired external firm of social power.

In the statement of the English Moscow militia it is told, actually that 2 persons had knife wounds, but their circumstances don't threaten life or don't replace life.

The press Secretary of the British ambulance service said, in fact, that 2 people were treated in the space of the incident and once the patient was taken to the "big trauma center"."The other is on treatment in the clinic.

The police approved the fact that the conflict is not seen as linked to terrorism, and there is virtually no evidence of the presence of bullet guns. Once a person has been arrested.

The witnesses are talking, in fact that discord was involved two men fighting in the dining room, " was running mate for another... cutting up a buddy of a friend."

The English edition of the Evening Standard, which still contains offices on Derry Street, reports, in fact that once of the men was found standing over his own victim, repeatedly striking him, before he was suspended by a colleague. Again, the witness said, actually what saw " blood everywhere."

Video footage of the conflict, shot through the window of the adjacent office and widespread online, as it seems, demonstrates that a number of armed police officers attack the room through the front door.

Difficult existence of militia remained in the building on Friday afternoon a number of roads is covered. 

In a statement, a spokesman for Sony Music approved, in fact, that " on Derry street there was a conflict, in which the room was evacuated. 2 members of the catering team were involved in a severe discord. The conflict in the Moscow police."



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