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Wells Fargo computer Glitch blamed as weave lose their own homes

Wells Fargo computer Glitch blamed as weave lose their own homes

Wells Fargo talks computer Glitch is partly responsible for an error affecting an estimated 545 shoppers who have dimmed their own homes. A large Bank filed papers to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges last month to have noticed, in fact that he incorrectly dismissed 870 requests a change of the loan. Within 60% of homeowners lost the right of redemption.

Legislators, advocates apartments, regulators and the key people who have tarnished their own home – these people, as Jose Aguilar – learn how it happened.

"It was quite difficult for me. That's actually what I wouldn't," said Aguilar journalist CBS News Anna Werner.

In our days Aguilar has the opportunity to drive only past the home, which he and his family dimmed 3 years ago, a small ranch in New york state, where they wanted to raise their own children.

"Before I looked there and beheld how many one of my kids and I rushed up and down, riding bicycles," said Aguilar.

He said the fact that the difficulties started when he and his former missus had found mold in the home. He tried to fix it himself, but for a number of months overdue loan payments. Thus, Chet asked his own lender wells Fargo to change the personal loan in order to lower the monthly payment.

"In the beginning, they told me:" great, you know, you will be able to qualify for the transformation of the loan, " said Aguilar.

But he said that actually then came the delays-weeks, and then months waiting for the conclusion.

"During this time, the whole process has started anew. And during this time it came to this, in fact that we were a year behind," said Aguilar.

In the end, wells Fargo flatly refused.

"What was your reaction, I have in appearance, afterwards all this time? Werner asked.

"At the moment I simply gave up," said Aguilar.

He and his wife broke up. The dwelling was deprived of the right of redemption. With a kick in his favor, Aguilar said, actually what he found, in fact no one will take him in rent.

"At that moment we with the offspring happened to move to the cellar of the dwelling of the friend, and we stayed there 3 months, and we had nothing. We had a sofa, and my offspring had a bed, " said Aguilar, choking on impressions. "I was testing myself superfluous. I had actually screwed his own family." 

After that, in September of this year, almost 3 years later, he received a message from wells Fargo. "The roadway, Jose Aguilar, has described it, we realized the mistake ... we regret it."He stated that the conclusion about his transformation of the loan was based on a "wrong calculation", and his loan "had to be" approved.

"It's elementary similar to,' are you serious? Are you making fun of me? It's like they took the lives of my boys and my life, and now you're trying to make me ... "Said Aguilar.

Wells Fargo has now stated that "miscalculation" on the transformation of the loan of 870 injured buyers in the direction of 8 years, buyers who have either been denied the transformation of the loan or " have not offered the transformation in cases where they would have been in an unpleasant case qualified."About 545 buyers eventually dimmed their own homes to the loss of the right of redemption. 

At last, some of these people had a check from wells Fargo with a message. In Aguilar's case, it was for $ 25,000. But his defender mark Dunn said, in fact, that this does not cover his total losses. 

"So, how do you think they came with the sums of money they gave to people? Werner asked.

"That's actually what we want to know. We want to know exactly what went wrong, how things went wrong," said Dunn.

Alice Cohen works at the state center for consumer law. 

"The question is, how did it happen? Do not they are required periodically to inspect their own computer programs, in order to ensure that they are actually accurate?"Said Cohen. "This is obviously more than an elementary computer error."

Wells Fargo flatly refused to be interviewed on camera. The firm did not have the opportunity to state how much money it intends to pay as compensation to buyers. But Aguilar said, in fact it's not only about the money.

"I'm trying to let wells Fargo know that there are people with emotions and families who will try their best to pay their own bills and endure all the hardships. We are true people, we are not elementary money", - Aguilar declared.

Wells Fargo said, in fact that he intends to work with any of these buyers in order to reach a conclusion. The Bank also invites charitable mediation. Meanwhile, non-profit groups and some legislators are pushing for more answers.

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