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Trump EPA sweep strike against weather regulations, reports to state

Trump EPA sweep strike against weather regulations, reports to state

Power trump wants to run for criteria the age of Obama by adjusting the configuration of the climate that will facilitate the construction of a fresh coal power plants, according to reports in the Axios and The New York Times.

Acting direct administrator Of the Agency for the protection of the environment around Andrew Wheeler, in the past, 
the lobbyist of the coal industry is expected to arrange a poster on Thursday.

This step is considered to be another testimony to the determination of the administration to trump up as a mass consensus about the need to work in relation to configuration of climate and market trends, because the President judges that actually what he calls "beautiful, nezametnoe coal" industry.

The kickback on Thursday comes when the universe intends in Poland for what is actually called the most necessary meeting on climate change since 2015 in Paris 
The Treaty, which President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized.

This step still happens through a week later such as the USA insisted on the amendment of the communiqué of the G20, adding a graph, which emphasizes the fact that the USA has "resumed its opinion recognized to expire of the Paris agreement and recognize their own rigid loyalty to financial recovery and energy access and security, using all sources of energy and technology, protecting the surrounding environment."

The Obama administration's rule was to ensure that fresh coal-fired power plants were equipped with technologies that could capture and conserve carbon, forming such an elevated emission boundary, in fact, that it practically limited the construction of fresh plants. 

Trump's power will be greenlight fresh coal-fired power plants that use fresh and more efficient boilers and related technology, the Times reports, citing government officials, their people with the proposal.

The use of coal

Changing the criteria will not have an immediate impact, because it applies only to fresh coal-fired power plants, which are becoming increasingly uneconomical, because they face competition from cheap natural gas and renewable energy sources.

It is assumed that the actual use of coal in the USA in 2018 will be the lowest since 1979 and fall even more in the proper year, because in 2018 will be closed almost a record number of coal power plants, according to the report of the energy information Management of December 4.
Only 1, relatively small, fresh coal generator is expected by the end of 2019, the EIA said.

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