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Subaru recalls 410 000 cars in the land of the rising sun and behind the stage

Subaru recalls 410 000 cars in the land of the rising sun and behind the stage

A big carmaker, building combat readiness Subaru announced the recall in the range of 410 000 vehicles in Japan and subsequently, this stage has been found to be actually faulty valve spring was able to break through and damage the motor.

November. 1, the firm expressed to the Japanese Ministry of motor transport, in fact that it will withdraw 101153 vehicles that were prepared in the stage from January 2012 to September 2013.

Subaru for October. 23 lowered the monitoring of operational benefits for the 1st 6 months of the monetary year, which began in April by 49 billion yen ($435 million) to 61 billion. yens'. A huge share of 49 billion yen is expected to be used for revocation.

Substitution of faulty motor details for fresh for any car will lend 2 days.

Of the 410,000 ways, 101,153 units of 4 models, covering the famous small-sized car Impreza, will be recalled In the land of the rising sun, and the other 310,000 squad by stage, covering the United States.

In the land of the rising sun are subject to recall model Impreza, sport-utility vehicle Forester, sports car BRZ and 86 sports car Toyota Motor Corp., which was developed together with Subaru and was equipped with the same engine.

According to the Department of motor vehicles, of the 310,000 vehicles to be recalled per phase, 160,000 were sold in North America and 100,000 in other areas, covering Europe. The other 50,000 were released by Toyota 86 for foreign markets.

With illumine 2017 Subaru sustained injuries from a number of scandals, in what amount, by reason of unskilled workers who carry out inspections of vehicles and falsifiziert data on the levels of exhaust, fuel and brake performance tests.

In the scandal with unskilled workers ' inspections, the firm withdrew within 420 000 vehicles and stressed 25 billion yen as a related cost.

According to the texts of the Ministry of motor transport and Subaru, in the last recall, the extra pressure on the valve spring in the engine has the ability to lead to a malfunction and stop the car.

Notifications about the fact that the faulty trifle of the motor led to tragedies, no. Not least, the firm has had 224 reports, in that number 94 in the land of the rising sun, about the dilemmas associated with the motor part, since April 2012, when the 1st report came from the dealership.

Cars produced in the 21-month stage from January 2012 to September 2013, are subject to recall.

In June 2013, Subaru began to put on a stronger valve spring little by little, apparently correcting the dilemma.

In fact, as for this, why the company expected a solid 5 years, in order to announce the recall, the carmaker said: “after this, as we have had reports that, in fact, that the share of the motor broke down, we took advantage of improved, based on a specific presumption. But it took time to find out why the share of the engine broke down.”

Subaru plans to announce the details of the costs associated with the recall in November. 5 subsequently, the publication of economic statements for the 1st 6 months of the current monetary year.

However, there is a possibility of this, in fact that the work on the replacement of the motor details will be extended and the costs will be more than expected.

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