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PG&E to submit to the ruin later the devastating fires in California

PG&E to submit to the ruin later the devastating fires in California

California's largest energy firm wants to file for bankruptcy because it meets tens of billions of dollars of likely liability subsequently to global forest fires that have devastated parts of the state over the past 2 years, consistent with filing with the securities and exchange Commission.

Pacific Gas and Electric said on the first day of the week that the insolvency bill is considered “ultimately a single viable option to restore the economic strength of PG&E to Finance current operations and provide a non-hazardous customer service.”

California forest fires, which destroyed 10 people and demolished thousands of homes, led to a surge in insurance claims. PG&E estimates that it has the ability to be held liable for more than $ 30 billion, consistent with the SEC's filing, without covering probable punitive damages, fines, or damages related to future complaints. The fire of the insurance company in 2018 amounted to 1.4 billion. doll.

The ruin of PG&E promises to be more difficult and political, than the main mass of ruin, fire victims, customers, bankers and suppliers repeatable sources of energy man in front of the man. In its own drive to set up a municipal electronic network free of carbon dioxide emissions, California has directed utility firms to purchase repeatable energy from creators who now face uncertainty.

"Almost all of the energy contracts are higher than the market price," said Gabe Grosberg, an analyst at s&p Global's utility offerings on the first day of the week. The revision of these contracts” is what the bankruptcy arbitrator will look at, " he said.

The firm said the monetary alternatives of ruin would not work to the interests of PG&E and its shareholders and “not to settle the principal issues and difficulties of the p & e entity.“Among the many judgments that sent the firm to bankruptcy were the need to make its likely promises, the immense effort to restore and” a significant increase in the risk of forest fires as a result of the configuration of the climate", - said the PG

PG&E promotions fell by more than 48% during the morning trading on the first day of the week.

Filing for the coming day subsequently such as the firm announced the resignation of its own Executive Director, geisha Williams. Williams, 3 other top managers who resigned last week, and the firm have been harshly criticized in recent weeks for the utility's corporate culture. The President of the California utility Commission expanded his PG&E investigation in November to include his "culture of security" in a more General project.

"In our view, [PG & E] contains important organizational and leadership difficulties that undermined the trust capital of a utility company in Sacramento," the article tells the Height Securities investment Advisory company at the time.

The firm was already on Federal probation following the 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California., actually that revealed violations of the law on natural gas and obstruction of justice. Five-year probation period comes in a given year.

PG & E said, in fact, that he was obliged to provide employees at least 15 days before such as he filed for bankruptcy, in fact that he intends to arrange “on or about” January. 29.

PG & E said, in fact, that as of last week it had within $ 1.5 billion of “cash or cash equivalents” and was under review with “a number of large banks” in order to guarantee more than $ 5 billion to Finance its own current operations, because it is looking for protection from ruin.

As regulated utilities PG&E contacted the public utility Commission of California for more offers the highest tariffs for gas and electricity for cost recovery. And the firm appealed to the legislature of the state of California behind the defense, limiting the promises associated with fires.

"The PG&E's possible bankruptcy report is deeply excited about news for the state, fire victims, and ratepayers,” California state Assembly member Chris Holden (D) said in a statement. "We do not want the victims to be victims again."Holden, who was an ally of PG & E, said, in fact, that he would work with the legislature and the fresh Governor of the state, Gavin news (D), on how to defend the victims of the flame and the pied pipers.

Newsom made a statement about what will actually be sought " solutions, in fact that guarantees customers access to a harmless, easily accessible and reliable service, the fire victims are treated correctly, and in California has the ability to continue to go to our climate goal."He said, in fact, that utilities are obliged to fulfill the obligations given to energy suppliers and our society.”

PG & E, intelligent more than a century ago, has been accused of 10 large California fires that started when trees fell to pieces of power, sending sparks to dry grass or other trees. In response to the may report of the California Department of forestry and fire protection (Cal Fire) on fires in October 2017, PG&E said that it actually cuts or removes within 1.4 million trees a year in order to prevent these fires.

The firm, which serves within 5.4 million buyers of electricity and 4.5 million buyers of natural gas, has accused the change of weather in the aggravation of tasks of fire prevention. "Years of drought, a strong steam room and 129 million dead trees have created a” fresh norm "for our state," the company said in a statement.

International rating Agency Moody's warned in November. 15 actually that the probable duty of the 21 great forest fire in 2017 was about $ 10 billion USA and actually that the devastating fire in the camp of 2018, which devastated the metropolis of Paradise, California., and killed 86 people, would add support costs. PG & E said, in fact, that the root cause of this fire is still under investigation, but the Agency Cal Fire focuses on several transmission lines and utility towers.

The fires of 2018 exacerbated the fears on the pretext of the viability of the company. Its promotions fell by 80% since the beginning of November, destroying within 19 billion $ of the market price.

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