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Nintendo Switch Now Supports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Nintendo Switch game console has had extensive recognition since its release. Separable design allows you to simply perform with tremendous pleasure for the 1st player, double players and including more people in order to perform. However, not paying attention to a large number of superiority of this product, some cases when you think actually that is very ridiculous.

Because the switch does not support Bluetooth headsets, it only contains a 3.5 mm headphone port on top for wired headsets. At times in some spaces the player has the opportunity to get annoyed in order to perform with him. When players wish to perform a switch docked with the inclusion of the TV, they simply do not have all the chances to speak with their own wired headsets due to the limited length of the wire, if the Dock sits close to the TV. At times, it is possible to pull the switch off the table and destroy the wired headsets.

Nintendo Switch Now Supports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

For example, why the switch does not support Bluetooth headset? This is a problem for many players.

Now there is not a bad conclusion. GuliKit, which came up earlier in a miniature power supply for Nintendo Switch, now returned with fresh product ROUTE that is considered audio adapter USB type-c Headphones for TV switch Nintendo. This allows the switch to now turn on to the Bluetooth headset. Elementary plug-and-play. It also supports voice chat for Fortnite.

Nintendo Switch Now Supports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 1

In particular, its aptX LL Bluetooth audio development with low latency is perfectly suited for gaming. But Bluetooth does not contain a trivial delay when listening to music, the hitch is much more clear and terrible when watching movies or playing games. The development of Ultra-low latency from Aptx LL on ROUTE+ has the ability to fully provide a wonderful gaming skill with real-time audio synchronization and the highest sound quality CD, and players have every chance to say it, especially when playing music games.

Nintendo Switch Now Supports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 2

ROUTE + doesn't ask for batteries, and it consumes quite not enough power from the switch.Other prudent system personal way of port C to the pass-through duties for recharging of the switch. Players do not need to turn off The Bluetooth adapter and has the ability to recharge the switch during the game.

Players have all chances to still play the switch docked with the TV method of plugging the route+ to any of the USB ports on the dock with the USB dongle included in the package, and play games without worry for such in order to annoy their families of dwelling in the evening.

Nintendo Switch Now Supports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 3

The route is still possible to apply from a PC.

Now the bulk of mobile phones have put aside the 3.5 mm headset Jack and the Bluetooth headset interface has become an indispensable accessory for people like Airpods, which invites tremendous comfort for people. This way, almost all players wish to apply their own wireless headphones on the switch, and GuliKit ROUTE+ is in real time considered the best Bluetooth adapter for them.

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