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May conspiracy Brexit does not mean, in fact, that it's time for a long pound

May conspiracy Brexit does not mean, in fact, that it's time for a long pound

The past commercial day has been one of those rare cases in the money markets in recent years, when neither the trading intensity nor the impotence of emerging markets, President trump, Italy, nor the long power of the dollar was not the main subject, stimulating market sentiment. Instead of this familiar content rushed back to the scene header with Brexit.

Subsequently, several months of protracted negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the Prime Minister of England Theresa may took the stage and found a role in the Five-hour meeting of the office of Ministers, in order to get the promotion of its deal Brexit. It was not a simple event, and there is the highest speculation on the pretext of the senior opposition to the conditions provided by may, but the key conclusion is that the split office supported the project of Theresa may Brexit.

The fact that it ultimately means to traders, and not paying attention to the fact that it is not irrevocable, is actually that the current dangers around the strict Brexit, as we trust, it was avoided.

This is in the leading positive formation for the pound, which at the time of writing 2 days in order opposite the dollar, but the reaction to buy in GBP is not this very interesting and implies, in fact, that investors still have no doubt, in fact, that this is the cover of the situation when it comes to the long-standing uncertainty Brexit.

Warning that the collusion of Theresa may was still on the contrary, not paying attention to the fact that the actual left a little more than 4 months before the official Brexit, gives a risk of falling of the pound from its current values, the nearest to 1.30.

Traders, in the end, are squeezed alternate readings, in fact that the result of the discussion will be soft-the quarter and the moon to maintain the GBPUSD higher than 1.30.

Yuan and partner countries are trying to stabilize

The smoothness of the buck 2 days in order allowed the monetary units of emerging markets for the most part to consolidate later such as the buck suddenly achieved a fresh high of 2018 at the beginning of the week.

The yuan shows stability around the value of 6.93, but remains under the threat of fresh lows as long as the dollar/yuan remains above 6.90. We will be quite careful to observe the probability of this, in fact that the buck index will achieve 100 by the end of the month, due to the fact that it actually holds the greatest potential for whether the yuan really has the ability to weaken to a mental value of 7.

Divergence of the dollar in General, still sets the bulk of the steps in the money market, and principally to observe, has the ability to do the USA dollar to continue discouraging the rise in 2018, due to the fact actually what is a single catalyst, which indeed contains the source to what exactly what the future holds for most money units in emerging markets throughout the world. 

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