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Health warning: 75 cases of measles proven in Rockland surroundings

Health warning: 75 cases of measles proven in Rockland surroundings

Rockland County, New york (WABC) - health officials are talking, in fact, that in real time surrounded by Rockland 75 proven cases of measles, and 6 accused cases are being investigated.

The district initiates efforts to defend school-age children who have all chances to be at risk.

Rockland health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Ruppert Schnabel, announced last month, in fact that all secondary schools in the village of fresh Maidan now must contain students who are not vaccinated or vaccinated against the disease of the home up to 21 days was held from the stage of the last version of measles proven in the environment.
The same limitation applies to secondary schools in spring valley and Monsi, with a vaccination rate of less than 70 per cent against measles.

According to Ruppert's texts, in real time the fresh application touches upon the joint difficulties of 15 secondary schools in the environment. That is, from 10 secondary schools, victims before.

This statement was created 2 weeks later, the evidence of the first cases of the disease in the environment.

Signs of measles include fever, rash, cough, conjunctivitis, or a runny nose, and they are likely to occur after 10-12 days of later exposure.

The microbe has the ability to stay in the air or on the plane up to 2 hours.

In order to prevent the spread of the disease, medical staff advise people who have every chance to be exposed and who have signs of measles entangle their medical service, the district hospital, or the district emergency management, before than to support.

Look at last month's update from the Rockland neighborhood health Commissioner.

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