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"Griffins" mocked "Bob's burgers" out of jealousy, jokes are Donald trump's favorite show

"Griffins" mocked "Bob's burgers" out of jealousy, jokes are Donald trump's favorite show

"Family Guy" returned to the announcements subsequently aired his large number of advertised episode of Donald trump's "Trump Guy" on January 13. As previously reported, in the episode, Peter Griffin became the press Secretary of Donald trump's snow-White home, only for such a thing that the President used Peter's daughter, Meg. "Trump Guy" showed Donald trump's roasting, as expected, but the episode was astounding, taking time to mock the Fox animated Comedy" Bob's burgers.”

The ultimate joke was how in the episode trump called” Bob's burgers “his own beloved series (the main jerk in” Bob's burgers " in itself). Peter turned to the video camera in order to directly address to the Emmy voters and force them to trust, in fact that trump really prefers “Bob's hamburgers”, and as a result of this vote for the show is considered a symptom of the President's help. "Bob's Burgers “has earned Emmy nominations for outstanding animated program over” Family Guy" in the direction of the last 7 years in order, winning merit in 2014 and 2017. Peter has criticized the show for the fact that it looked like an animation in a moving car, and expressed bewilderment on the pretext of this, why “Bob Burgers” are considered a critical and paid bestseller.
While the episode had the opportunity to ascend somewhat cruelly on Bob's” hamburgers, “” Family Guy " showrunners rich Appel and Alec Sulkin said Entertaiment Weekly, in fact that the jokes were made out of love and all were in a good feast. When asked why they went for Bob's burgers, the showrunners said, “because we love them, honor them and envy them during this time. Really, doesn't that motivate 70% of human behavior? Yes, we like them, we know that they are gifted, and they took credit, which we do not have. Actually what we have to say?”

"[H.] John Benjamin did the voices on the Family Guy in front of Bob's Burgers, continues to create the voices on the Family Guy," they continued. “He has a pretty good sense of humor on the pretext of all this and he was seen on the show as Bob in a self-deprecating way. And, no doubt, we would not refrain from mentioning him about the "family guy" in his show, in case he desired.”

Will the” Family Guy“ calling” Bob's hamburgers " lead to a love feud between 2 animated programs? "By right, I believe, in fact, that they are already higher than this, and we are still here in the mud," said Sulkin. “They found a pretty healthy, almost tired attitude to our push. We know they're actually funny, and they're fresh hot girls on the block,and we're like, " Well, what's wrong with us?"”

"Family Guy" goes on Sunday evening at 9 PM Eastern time on Fox.

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