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Disneyland freeze the tower was probably the source of all 22 cases of foreigners, official says

Disneyland freeze the tower was probably the source of all 22 cases of foreigners, official says

The Disneyland cooling tower was a possible source of all 22 Legionnaires ' disease outbreaks last year near a theme Park, the orange neighborhood health bureaucrat said Tuesday.

The bulk of the patients visited the Park in the autumn of 2017. Disneyland refutes, exactly that this was the key, pointing to 3- ' s infected people, which were in Anaheim, but not in Disneyland. Times from their died.

Dr. Matthew Zahn, medical Director of epidemiology at the orange neighborhood health Agency, told the Board of Appeals arbitrator at the California occupational health and safety administration that these 3 people were actually in nursing homes in Anaheim. He said, in fact that the medical staff visited the homes of the elderly and indicated, in fact, that there are no possible sources of Legionella microbes.

Studies during the outbreak have proven an elevated degree of Legionella microbes in 2 Disneyland cooling towers, which probably distribute dirty drops between people in the Park, Zahn said. The medical Director said, in fact he said he made, in fact 3 homes for the elderly patient, probably, was ill with Disneyland, due to the fact actually that the water is contaminated with Legionella germs, “can spread from 2 to 4 miles.”

Zan what exactly is that tower part of the air conditioning system that releases fog-are more versprochenen source of outbreaks of Legionnaires.

Disneyland cooling tower # 4 had quite elevated degree of bacteria Legionella's, when people began to get sick, - declared Zan. Only it was sanitized, Legionnaires ' disease, similarly, is over, he added.

"Most likely, these cases were associated with a cumulative impact,” said Zan. "Cooling tower # 4 was a more possible source of influence.”

The health Agency has never officially identified the cause of the outbreak. The interrogation of the defenders of Disneyland, Zan said, in fact he does not have the ability to be 100% no doubt, exactly what Disneyland was the source of all cases without additional testing.

He also said, in fact, that health workers located around the neighborhood environment failed to qualify the key outbreak, when they studied the informants of the water in the Park in October last year.

"They did not find the obvious-on their pass through the source," said Zan.

Earlier this year, Disneyland press Secretary Susie brown said in her own statement, “ we do object to the statement of Cal-OSHA that our cooling towers caused some kind of disease, because the key of the outbreak has never been scientifically determined.”

In March, Cal-OSHA cited and fined the Disneyland 33 000 $ USA for failing to properly pay tribute to clear the cooling equipment associated with flash, and other associated violations.

The Agency examines only those threat that threaten employees, as a consequence of its findings concentrated on how he was infected 3 employees of Disneyland, and do not touch 19 painful, are not employees.

Disneyland is appealing the quote at a 2-day hearing in West Covina, which kicked off Tuesday. Christopher Merrill, an administrative law arbitrator at Cal-OSHA, will rule in the direction of 60 days.

Zan was a witness called by lawyers from California. The Agency's eyewitness testimony will last Wednesday. It is assumed, in fact, that Disneyland will not cause witnesses, said Merrill.

Cal-OSHA lawyers are still called Christopher Castil, who conducted the investigation on violations Disneyland.

Castille, a lesser security engineer at the Agency's Department of industrial relations, said that the cleaning of records actually proved that Disneyland did not follow the following advice on disinfection of its own cooling towers, in fact that allowed the highest level of microbes to grow in the towers and spread in the Park.

Health officials around orange have never officially identified the cooling tower as the key to the outbreak, and Disneyland officials said, in fact, that the results of testing irrevocably do not justify, in fact, that the tower is guilty.

Disneyland cooling towers have been free of Legionella since November 2017, and in real time there is not the slightest risk to the population, said public health officials in the orange neighborhood.

Meanwhile, a young woman, who was diagnosed with "Legionnaires" subsequently visiting Disneyland last fall, filed a lawsuit against the Park directed to a certain theme last week in the Supreme Tribunal of the neighborhood of Los Angeles. The girl went to the Park aimed at a certain theme in the middle of October last year to notice her mother's birthday And after 2 weeks a stable cough developed, the lawsuit says.

"Precedents do not support this complaint, and the claim does not contain a meaning,” - said Tuesday the brown of Disney.

The woman visited the Park directed on a certain subject in October. 13, 2017, but the end man who developed Legionnaires as part of this outbreak visited the Park in October. 3 according to Zan Tuesday.

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