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Brian Eno music creation app is coming to Android, 10 years later

Brian Eno music creation app is coming to Android, 10 years later

In case you remember the 1st days of Apple's App Store, you probably remember bloom, Brian Eno "generative music" app. It has established the potential of the phone as an artistic tool, at a time when mobile applications were still novelties. Well, he's going double-strong for his own tenth anniversary... and it's not just for iOS users this time. Eno and Peter Chilvers are releasing Bloom: 10 Worlds, an "important" expansion and refinement that will be available for Android in addition to the iPad and iPhone. The main formula, where you touch the screen in order to set the fresh sounds and affect the visual effects, remains unchanged-there is only much more in order to arrange.

1st "world", which you will experience, will become a symbol, if you use an extraordinary flowering. However, all others introduce fresh criteria, sounds and visual effects. According to the developers, it's like an album in front of a single. You can still wait for the "lightweight" interface to compare with the original.

Eno and Chilvers have not nailed the release date of iOS, but take care, in fact that the version for Android will be available on December 7. You want to work quickly, if you like the idea, whatever platform you choose. Bloom: 10 Worlds will cost $ 5 (£5) in case you either order the app first or purchase it for a weekend release, but it will go up to $8 (£8) in case you expect. This is not elementary for an application that you can not apply forever, but it has the ability to be justified, if you are a fan of Eno, art enthusiast or elementary interested in a nostalgia mobile application.

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