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Amazon Prime channels for 1 third of hbo subscription

Amazon Prime channels for 1 third of hbo subscription

These services, like Amazon Prime Video, have managed to soak up more visitors of the Fresh Times that not only consume authentic content, but also end up adding to a large chunk of classic channel members.

According to the note by BMO specialist Daniel Salmon, it is estimated that Amazon Prime Video Channels, which are considered additional subscriptions to cable networks, covering HBO and Starz, have all chances to smell the duty for giant pieces of aggregate subscribers of these channels, reports Cnet.

It is estimated that almost the middle of Starz direct-to-consumer subscribers originate from Amazon, while HBO receives within 35% of its own subscribers from Internet TV mode.

With data from a fresh mix of online and regular TV on top, it's estimated Amazon channels generated $ 1.7 billion in revenue this year. It is assumed that by 2020 it will increase to $3.6 billion. 70% of the funds generated by Amazon go to programmers.

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